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Cyril FRADAN in 1968

Cyril Fradan in 1968



Brief C.V.

Cyril J. Fradan, born in Johannesburg 1928, son of Mr Mrs B. Bloch, Killarney, Johannesburg; attended King Edward VII School, Johannesburg; obtained BA Art History and English Literature, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; departed for extensive travels in Europe, 1951; studied at the Académie Julian, Paris, 1952/53; lectured in art history at the University of the Witwatersrand 1953/54; obtained Italian Government Scholarship for one year, 1954; studied at the Accademia, Rome and wood-engraving at the Accademia di S. Giacomo, Rome 1954/55; moved between Paris and Rome where he taught Art, Art History, Ancient History and Languages intermittently at the Overseas School of Rome, 1955/59/60. While in Rome, he lived at "2 Piazza dell'Oro".

Cyril Fradan and 6 young American artists living in Rome opened the "Appunto" Gallery at Via Gregoriana 46, Rome, on 9th May, 1959. Cyril Fradan managed it and had a solo show there during November 1959.

Cyril Fradan settled permanently in London in 1960, holding his first solo show of 20 paintings at the Woodstock Galleries, London, in May, 1961.

Press photo (©) of Cyril Fradan showing at Woodstock Gallery, London, in 1961

Click on Press photo (©) of Cyril Fradan showing at Woodstock Gallery, London, in 1961

To see a full list of exhibitions in Europe (London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Manchester, Petersfield, Plymouth, Bremen, York Festival, Geneva, Belfast, Nottingham, Rome) and South Africa including Gallery 101 in 1968 and Gallery 21 in 1983 go to this link: List of solo shows.

Taught History of Art at London College of Printing 1964/65 and the Guilford College of Art 1966/68; taught Sculpture at the Sir John Cass School of Arts, London 1972/73.

Retrospective Exhibition by Cyril Fradan held at the Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria - March/April, 1976.

In 1979, Cyril Fradan presented for the first time and entirely on his own what was to become an annual Studio Exhibition and Music Recital Festival at his home/studio at 23 Lower Addison Gardens, London W14. The art works were all by Cyril Fradan, the musicians were all young and professionals. The 8th Annual Festival held in 1986 included 41 performers over 19 days, held under the Patronage of the Worshipful the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea.

In November, 1986 (or 1988) Cyril Fradan moved from London to Bangkok where he died in 1997 after a series of recurring brain tumors (cancer). He could not paint any more during the last few years.



Public Collections

Cyril FRADAN "Billow", 1973 - acrylic/canvas 183x228cm + freestanding form 124cm H (Coll. SANG)

SA National Gallery, Cape Town - 2 works

Cyril FRADAN "Impressions", 1967 acrylic/canvas 91x121 cm (Oliewenhuis Art Museum) (PELMAMA)

Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein - 2 works

Cyril FRADAN "Three figure composition", 1979 acrylic/canvas 139x109 cm (Coll. NMMAM Port Elizabeth)

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum (King George VI Art Gallery), Port Elizabeth - 1 work

Cyril FRADAN "Untitled", 1967 oil/canvas 905x1215 mm (Pretoria Art Museum)

Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria - 4 works

Pietersburg Art Museum, Polokwane - no images available

Cyril FRADAN "Burning sky", 1976 oil/canvas (coll. UNISA P83)

UNISA, Pretoria - 1 work



Further Images

can be found in many of the following publications!




    ARTLOOK 11 Johannesburg - October, 1967 p. 7, ill.

ARTLOOK Johannesburg - January, 1968 p. 11

Galerie Werkstatt, Bremen - June 1968 - invitation card

ARTLOOK Johannesburg - Feb/March 1976, ill.

Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria - invitation card & exhibition catalogue March/April, 1976, ill.

Sunday Express, Johannesburg - 4th April, 1976, p.27, ill.

Habitat, Johannesburg - No. 20, 1976 - pp. 36/7, ill.

Lantern, Pretoria - Vol. XXVI No. 2 Dec. 1976 - Feb. 1977, pp. 26-35, ill.

The Times, London - 12th May, 1981 (review by John Russell Taylor)

Art & Artists of South Africa (Berman) (Balkema), 1983 ill. p. 157

Gallery 21, Johannesburg (Venice Observed 1980/83) - Oct./Nov. 1983

Cyril Fradan exhibition poster Gallery 21 Johannesburg October-November 1983

Fair Lady, Johannesburg - 20.2.1985, ill.

"Looking at South African Art" (Harmsen) (van Schaik), 1985 pp. 22/24; 266, 284, ill. 20

Cyril Fradan - 8th Annual Studio Exhibition, London, with music recitals - May/June, 1986 - Part I.

Cyril Fradan - 8th Annual Studio Exhibition, London, with music recitals - May/June, 1986 - Part II.

„The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors including Namibia“ (Ogilvie / Graff) (Everard Read), 1988 – ISBN 0 620 12663 9 – listed on p. 232/233





A number of slides are in the archives of The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel.



Works auctioned or sold otherwise


Old Johannesburg Warehouse Auctionners, Johannesburg - 27th August, 2016 - Lot A022

Cyril FRADAN "Innocent X.", 1969 - oil/canvas - 91x72 cm - Lot A022

"Innocent X.", 1969 - oil/canvas - 91x72 cm - Lot A022


Rossini, Paris - 28th January, 2014 - Lot 397

Cyril FRADAN "Umbrian City", 1953 - oil/board - 92x73 cm

"Umbrian City", 1953 - oil/board - 92x73 cm - Lot 397


Valor Artis, Genève - 24th April, 2013 - Lot 259

Cyril FRADAN "Philippe IV.", 1969 - oil/canvas - 80x100 cm

"Philippe IV.", 1969 - oil/canvas - 80x100 cm - Lot 259


The Bru Sale Gallery, Bruxelles - 16th December, 2012 - Lot 164, 165

Hôtel des Ventes, Genève - (Silent auction) - 28th September, 2010 - Lot 3924

Abbott & Holder, London - 11th September, 2010 - Lot 32

Bellmans Auctioneers, Billinghurst, UK - 21st April, 2010 - Lot 475

Cannon & Cannon, Pietermaritzburg - 29th June, 2010 - Lot 176

Liam's Art Gallery Pattaya, Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand - 2010

Tooveys Auctioneers, West Sussex - 25th February, 2009 - Lot 120

Pieta Fine Arts, Brighton - online auction - February, 2009

Rosebery's Fine Arts Auctioneers, London - 7th May, 2008 - Lot 348

Abbott & Holder, London - 14th September, 2006

Hart Galleries, Houston TX - 10th June, 2006

at various times and other places per ArtPrice - 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004

Sotheby's/Welz Johannesburg - no works recorded between May, 2001 and December, 2012

Russell Kaplan Auctioneers, Johannesburg - 29th March, 2014 - Lot P35




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Selected works in private collections


Priv. Collection in Switzerland - per 2010

Cyril FRADAN, 1983

Priv. Collection in Thailand - per 2010

Cyril Fradan "Heather" acryl/canvas 80x80 cm (Priv. Coll. Thailand)

Priv. Collection in Pinetown - per 2010

Cyril FRADAN - acrylic/canvas 1984 meas n/a (Pvt. Coll. Pinetown)


Additional 19 selected paintings and sculptures in private collections

Cyril FRADAN 1972 - a painting and sculpture auctioned by Hotel des Ventes, Geneva 28th Sept. 2010




Cyril FRADAN 1972 "Screen" wood, 1.8x1.8 cm - signed - priv. coll. London

Screen, 1972 - wood - signed - 1.8x1.8 cm - Priv. Collection in London - per 2015



If you have additional information or images on Cyril FRADAN, please let us know so that we can update this page!

The Retrospective Exhibition catalogue of Cyril Fradan's works shown at the Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria in March/April, 1976, lists one work loaned by Mrs. Anna Fradan. Furthermore, from mail exchange in December, 2001, we understand that Cyril Fradan had a sister in the USA he last visited in Pennsylvania in 1979/1980 (mail from Cyril's nephew, Jonathan Ponter).

 Additional information about Cyril Fradan's family would be appreciated!




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