Works by DUMILE exhibited in 1975 at GALLERY 21 LONDON

The archives of Gallery 21 London are incomplete, but the following information was found, of interest to researchers on the South African art scene


Received on 3rd February, 1975, from DUMILE, then residing at 20 Dafforne Road, Tooting Bec, SW17:

LD245 - Head - 200

LD246 - Study for Sculpture - 200

LD247 - Peaceful cat - 350

LD248 - Lovers - 350

Received on 14th February, 1975, from DUMILE, then residing at 25, Mount Ephraim Road, Streatham, SW16:

LD280 - Theme on a New Planet - "Don't we all" - ink drawing 227x153 cm - 750

The above 5 works were framed, catalogued and exhibited during February and March, 1975 ("African Art from South Africa"), together with 4 works by Louis Maqhubela, 5 works by Leonard Matsoso, 7 bronzes by Stanley Nkosi, 3 wood panels and various silkscreens by Lucky Sibiya, 10 sculptures by Lucas Sithole, 4 works by Sydney Kumalo. None of the works by DUMILE were sold during the exhibition.

In addition, the gallery received another 3 works from DUMILE, marked LD281-LD283, having the same theme as LD280, but they were not for sale and not exhibited.

Click to see the London and Johannesburg PRESS REVIEWS in PDF format relating to this show.

In the London files we also found the following illustrations which appear to originate from the Grosvenor Gallery, London - the works were probably shown at Gallery 21 London during 1974 and 1975 - we do not have further details on this.

Drawings by DUMILE, with text - 1969, 1971, 1972

DUMILE 1969    DUMILE 1971 - Private coll. Anthony Quinn    DUMILE 1972

Image on left:         The right half or a large drawing from 1969 - "All players are bare-chested"

Image in middle:    "Touching toes", 1971 - this work was sold by DUMILE personally to Anthony Quinn for 400.

Image on right:        Private Collection, U.S.A.

Provided you have ADSL, you can click on the above 3 images to see the text (PDF) - otherwise too slow as 1.40 MB, 1.68 MB, 616 KB!

Other works by DUMILE - 1970 and 1972




Another work from the London period can be seen on

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