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Willem Annandale Kuns Galery - Lichtenburg


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Hennie Potgieter bronze "Pelicans" in front of the Willem Annendale Kunsgalery, Lichtenburg / Ditsobotla (img.©lakesideguesthouse.co.za)

Hennie Potgieter bronze "Pelicans" in front of the Willem Annendale Kunsgalery, Lichtenburg / Ditsobotla




The Collection

According to the website of the Lichtenburg / Ditsobotla municipality:

"The Lichtenburg library is a modern public library that (uniquely) also houses an excellent art gallery which is one of the biggest in the country. The art gallery has a valuable collection of paintings by well-known South African artists - paintings by Gregoire Boonzaier, Irmin Henkel, Irma Stern, Louis Steyn, Walter Battiss, Dirk Meerkotter, F. Claerhout, Bettie Cilliers-Barnard, Johannes Meintjes and the sculptor Hennie Potgieter form part of the gallery's collection."

In fact, the Willem Annandale Art Gallery includes sculptures, ceramics and about 230 paintings by the following artists, based on web searches, most of which were donated over time by the artists to the Gallery:

Aab-Tamsen, Ines - Amm, Wendy - Anderson, Nils - Andrews, Raymond - Ashborn, Colombé - Ashborn, Keith

Ballot, Titia - Battiss, Walter - Beeton, Jean - Binge-Coetzee, Ferrie - Bisseker, Noel - Blatt, Johannes - Boonzaier, Gregoire - Borbereki, Zoltan - Botha, David - Bowler, Thomes - Büchner, Carl - Buys, Jan

Cilliers-Barnard, Bettie  -  Claerhout, Frans  -  Clur, Denise  -  Coetzee, Christo  - Coetzer, W.H.

Davis, Bill  -  de Leeuw, Gerard  -  Desmond, Nerine  -  Dingemans, Jan  -  Domsaitis, Pranas  -  Dunstan, Lola  -  Du Toit, Paul 

Edwards, Mike  -  Elahi, Alice  -  Eloff, Zakkie -  Erasmus, Nel

Ferri, Fleur  -  Flynn, Alma

Germishuys, Eben  -  Goldin, Alice  -  Gorvy, Rhona  -  Gotthard, Charles  -  William Grosset

Harling, Frank  -  Henkel, Irmin  - Heyns, Michael  -  Hillhouse, May

Krenz, Alfred  -  Kruger, Braam

Ladan, Eduard (Eddie)  -  Laubscher, Elza

Mayer, Erich  -  Meerkotter, Dirk  -  Meintjes, Johannes  -  Meyer, John  -  Michelow, Berenice  -  Mylchreest, Ronald


Johannes Meintjes "The empty chair", 1961 - oil/board - 45x33.5 cm - JM#998

Johannes Meintjes "The empty chair", 1961 - oil/board - 45x33.5 cm - JM#998

Meintjes, Johannes

Neke, Gael  -  Nel, Thijs  -  Newman, Kenneth

Paton, Juliana  -  Pennington, Paule  -  Pierneef, J.H.  -  Potgieter, Hennie  -  Price, Grete


Hennie POTGIETER "Gen. de la Rey" bronze in Lichtenburg (Img. nightjartravel.com)

Hennie Potgieter "Gen. de la Rey" bronze in Lichtenburg

Potgieter, Hennie


Rautenbach, Laura  -  Reinhardt, Leslie  -  Rose-Innes, Alexander  -  Roworth, Edward

Sachs, Lily  -  Schady, Elsabé  -  Schwanecke, Ulrich  -  Scully, Larry  -  Serneels, Clément  -  Shawzin, Stella  -  Spies, Chris  -  Stern, Irma  -  Steyn, Louis

Theys, Conrad

Van der Reis, Günther - Van der Wat, Hannatjie - Van der Westhuizen, Pieter - Van Heerden, Johan - Van Heerden, Louis - van Rensburg, Nico - Van Rooyen, Minette - Visser, Jan

Volschenk, Jan EA - von Glehn, Roswitha - Von Maltitz, Gerda - Vorster, Anna - Vorster, Gordon

Wagenaar, Anne - Wallace, Marjorie - Wasserfall, Hilda - Werth, Albert - Westbrook, Walter - Woodrow, Mervyn

Zander, Konrad

and others!





The Willem Annandale Art Gallery's collection is managed by the Lichtenburg Association of Arts. Regrettably, part of the former gallery premises have been lost to the Ditsobotla municipality for offices and an archive. New works are no longer being acquired due to lack of funding and space to hang or place them!

There is thus no longer a curator!

The gallery used to provide facilities for temporary exhibitions by all artists.

The Willem Annandale Art Gallery is open during library hours and is accessed via the library.

Contact persons of the Lichtenburg Association of Arts are Mrs Anita Kruger and Mrs. Petro van der Westhuizen or Mrs Wilma van der Walt, Head Librarian, Lichtenburg Municipality.




Who was Willem Annandale?

Ds. WILLEM Johannes ANNANDALE, NG Kerk minister, was born 8th October, 1921. He was one of 11 children born to George Annandale who arrived in South Africa from England in 1820 and on 3rd September, 1826, married Susanna Jacoba De Beer in Somerset East, Cape.

On 11th April, 1953, Ds. WILLEM Johannes ANNANDALE married Maria Johanna Reynecke, born on 27th January, 1923. He died on 30th November, 1994, last residing at 22 Briekslingeroord, Wapadrand.

Ds. Willem Annandale was an art lover and collector and during the early 1970s he founded the "Lichtenburg Association of Arts", a branch of the SA Association of Arts, Pretoria, together with other founding members.




Reasons for putting up this page

Over the years, there have been a number of important documented exhibitions held at the Willem Annandale Art Gallery, Lichtenburg. This is a small contribution to making the Collection better known to the outside world!




Other important monuments, historical buildings and history in and about the region

Monuments and historical buildings!

The first diamonds near Lichtenburg

Abandoned alluvial diamond mine in Bakerville near Lichtenburg - May, 1966 (img.© The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel)

Abandoned alluvial diamond mine in Bakerville near Lichtenburg - May, 1966 (img.© The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel)





We wish to thank the following for their supportive research or for enabling broader information:

Anne Lehmkuhl; Mashpedia; Ditsobotla Municipal Library; www.sanava.co.za/Lichtenburg.html

"Art & Artists of South Africa" (Berman) (Balkema), 1983, p. 507


Note: Additional images of selected artworks will be uploaded as and when they become available!


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