1894 - 1966

Retrospective exhibition of graphic art

held at Gallery 101, Johannesburg from 9th to 21st April, 1962

Irma STERN at her easel in about 1960 (img SA Panorama Oct 1965)

Background to this exhibition

Irma Stern who at that time was on a painting trip in Spain, had made a firm written commitment to hold an exhibition of her new paintings at the recently opened Gallery 101, Johannesburg, during 1961, on her return from Spain. However, unbeknownst to the gallery, she had meanwhile made other arrangements with the Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg.

As a result of this, in view of impending legal implications to stop the forthcoming exhibition at the Adler Fielding Galleries, it was agreed by all parties involved that Gallery 101 would be showing a retrospective exhibition of 101 original graphics during 1962, this being her 100th solo show, and that the show at the Adler Fielding Galleries could proceed.

This exhibition at Gallery 101, opened by Roza van Gelderen on 9th April, 1962, is hardly ever mentioned in publications on the artist.

For the sake of public records and for research purposes, we have included links to the printed catalogue and the respective press reviews:

Retrospective Exhibition of Graphic Art, 1962

Press reviews 1962


The Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town

Adler Fielding Galleries, Johannesburg - 1961

Gallery 101, Johannesburg - 1962

Selected Publications

SA National Gallery, Cape Town – Cape Arts Festival 1968 – Homage to Irma Stern 

Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town – Catalogue of the Collections of the Irma Stern Museum (Univ. of Cape Town), 1971

 Irma Stern by Neville Dubow – SA Art Library (Struik), 1974

Paradise – The Journal and Letters (1917-1933) of Irma Stern (Chameleon) (Dubow), 1991

Irma Stern: the early years 1894-1933 (SA Library) (Schoeman), 1994

Irma Stern: A Feast for the Eye (Fernwood) (Arnold), 1995

Irma Stern und der Expressionismus – Afrika und Europa – Zeichnungen bis 1945 (Kunsthalle Bielefeld) (Hülsewig-Johnen/Below), 1996

Youtube videos

Irma Stern Museum

Irma Stern Images

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