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Paul SEKETE in 1990 reflecting on his sculptures to be exhibited at Gallery 21, Johannesburg

Paul SEKETE in 1990 reflecting on his sculptures



Brief C.V.


Nako Paulus Sekete was born on 2nd August, 1957, at Ficksburg in the Orange Free State, South Africa.  After his schooling, he worked as a miner for a year prior to joining the Katlehong Art Centre near Johannesburg.

A self-trained artist, working both as a sculptor and as a painter, Paul Sekete participated in numerous group exhibitions, mostly organised by the Katlehong Art Centre as from 1984, in South Africa, Namibia and the USA.

His first solo exhibition of sculptures was held at Gallery 21 in Johannesburg in 1990, showing 19 sculptures in terracotta and bronze, cast and produced in the Studio of Guy du Toit, Pretoria, in an edition of 10 + 1 A/Proof, of which only very few were actually cast (see record kept by The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel)

Other media include wood, linocut, woodcut, oil and acrylic.

Around 1995, Paul Sekete lived at 227 Zone 4, Meqheleng, Ficksburg. There he owned an undeveloped business stand, Erf 1717, Meqheleng, meas. 1684 m2.

In 1999, he left Johannesburg for Cape Town, dividing his time between the Cape and Ficksburg.




Description of his work


Paul Sekete uses distortion, elongation and disproportionate scale to describe the human form and he combines these with well-defined linear shapes.




Selected EXHIBITIONS during the 1990s



Gallery 21, Johannesburg – 1st Solo show “The return from exile” (29th May/16th June) (19 sculptures) – parallel to an exhibition of 16 graphics and paintings by Lallitha Jawahirilal


Group exhibition, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg, "Town and Country"


Gallery 21, Johannesburg “Summer Fever” (1st February)


Three-man Exhibition with Peter Sibeko and Winston Saoli


Galerie Rosengarten, Thun, Switzerland ("Kreuz + Quer" / "Criss + Cross") (Group Show) (July/August)


Artimex Fine Arts, Basel, Switzerland (Group Show) (“Süd-Afrika: Zeitgenössische Kunst”(May/July)


Artimex Fine Arts, Basel, Switzerland (Group Show) (“Eine Gegenüberstellung: Südafrika je nachdem …” (March)



Selected Later Exhibitions



The Gallery at KGS II, 18-24 Parkway, Katonah (owned by Elizabeth Larkin): 'Africa Tales Told: The Creation Myth And Beyond' (December) – Group Show


Everard Gallery, Cape Town “Manifesto” (jointly with Ricky Dyaloyi) (August/September)





Sculptures on the 1990 solo show at Gallery 21 - a selection


Paul SEKETE "The Return from Exile" - 19 sculptures on exhibition at Gallery 21, Johannesburg, in 1990

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Selected Reviews and Press Notices – Sculptures


The Star, Johannesburg – 5th June, 1990, illustrated

The Star, Johannesburg – 6th June, 1990 – preview

Financial Mail, Johannesburg – 8th June, 1990

City Press, Johannesburg “Statuettes echo Bushman legacy” – 10th June, 1990, illustrated - with the artist mentioning what influenced him in his younger days

Review in Die Beeld, Johannesburg – 14th June, 1990:

Paul Sekete se beelde is  gestileerde verwerkings van 'n deurlopende beeld wat 'n kombinasie van 'n mens en 'n voël is. Die tema van The Return from Exile en die name van die werke (Pepper and Chilli seat, The Survival, A Long Promise, Advocate of Hope and Peace) word in die uitgestrekte silhoeët weerspieël. Die kleifigure is fyn afgewerk en dra die tema eerder in die houding en die gebarespel, as die spontane uitbeelding van 'n ekspressionis. Die liniêre kwaliteit het 'n kontinuiteit wardeur die
figuur met sy omgewing verbind word. Pepper and Chilli Seat is 'n mensfiguur wat sit op 'n stoel wat gevorm is uit sy voete - 'n deurlopende lyn wat 'n stoel vorm. Die kop dra die bek en oë van 'n
voël maar die onderbene is verwerk tot maskers - 'n mensetroon.  Die beelde sal in brons gegiet word na dit aangekoop is. Sekete is 'n produk van die Kathlehong Kunssentrum.


Paul SEKETE in 1989 viewing one of his works (image from advert in Northcliff Melville Times, Johannesburg, 15th August, 1989)

Northcliff Melville Times, Johannesburg – 15th August, 1989 (advert)




Selected Reviews - Paintings


Paul Sekete, an artist who is characterized by the gallery's director, Elizabeth Larkin, as a Rastafarian who lives for his art, offers subtle paintings of puzzling narratives filled with references to daily life, ritual and customs.

Review of Paul Sekete’s paintings in the New York Times 5th December, 2004




Sculptures in Public Collections



Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein


Paul SEKETE "Pepper & chilli seat", 1960 - bronze 1/10 - 40x18x12 cm - Register PS2 - front view        Paul SEKETE "Pepper & chilli seat", 1960 - bronze 1/10 - 40x18x12 cm - Register PS2 - side view

"Pepper & chilli seat", 1960 - bronze 1/10 - 40x18x12 cm - Register PS2 - two views



University of Fort Hare, Alice


Paul SEKETE “Reunion”, 1990 – bronze ed. 1/10 – 40.5cm H – Register PS11

“Reunion”, 1990 – bronze ed. 1/10 – 40.5cm H – Register PS11





Sculptures in Private Collections


Paul Sekete is included in various private collections in Australia, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.





List of sculptures and bronzes from  the 1990 exhibition at Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Exhibition catalogue  +  List of sculptures and bronze casts made





Sculptures sold on auction


Paul SEKETE “Rearranged form” – bronze 5/5 – 30.5cm H – on auction Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg – 24th August, 2012 – Lot 548

“Rearranged form” – bronze 5/5 – 30.5cm H – on auction Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg – 24th August, 2012 – Lot 548





Paul Sekete – the painter


Selected paintings offered by Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town - 2005 to 2009

Paul SEKETE - selected paintings 2005-2009 at Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town






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