Giorgio PAGI


1912 Roma –  2001(?) Johannesburg

Paintings and drawings



Giorgio PAGI portrait 1974 (img. © Magalini Editrice, Brescia, 1974)

Giorgio Pagi 1974

(image © Magalini Editrice, Brescia, 1974)


Short Biography

Giorgio Pagi, a.k.a. Giorgio Pasqualucci, was born in Rome on 21st August, 1912. After university studies, he moved post-1929 into the field of fine arts. He held his first solo show in Venice in 1945, was included in the XXV Venice Biennale, 1950, the VI Quadriennale Nazionale d’Arte in Rome, 1951, the Quadriennale Nazionale d’Arte in Torino, 1952. He emigrated to South Africa in 1952, first living in Natal, then moving to Benoni and Johannesburg, where he had a studio in Hillbrow as from 1953.

In 1965, Giorgio Pagi Pasqualucci became a naturalized South African citizen. He was married to Florence Elizabeth Collins, their son Renato Pasqualucci leaving for Canada in January 1993.

After moving to Lourenço Marques in 1968, he returned to Europe in 1970 for a few years, living in Rome and later in Milano at Viale Montenero 71. In 1974, Giorgio Pagi is recorded as also living at 5, “Edinburgh”, cor. 12th Ave. & Main Road, Rivonia, Sandton.

In 1992, he and his wife are recorded as living in Pretoria, and by December 2001 he was living in Rome.


Selected Solo shows in Southern Africa and Europe


Various exhibitions held in Southern Africa and abroad including:

Nucleo de Arte, Lourenço Marques, Moçambique - 1955

Gallery 101 Johannesburg (opened on 7th September, 1962)

St. Martin’s Gallery London (1st to 27th January, 1963)




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“Art & Artists of South Africa” (Balkema) (Berman), 1983, listed on p. 524 and p. 341 (“Painters who have achieved considerable success on the popular market”)

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Other selected references


 "ART 5'74" Basel - listed in the catalogue of Sant'Ambroeus Art Gallery, Milano (Stand 13.477) (1 work ill.)

“Panorama” Vol. 4, nos. 1-4 published by Secretariado da Propaganda Nacional, 1962 (na Beira na Camará Municipal: GIORGIO PAGI - pintura (25-10-1961)

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“Em Moçambique o Núcleo de Arte continua a fomentar o bom gosto pelas artes plásticas, promovendo exposições, de que acabamos de receber os catálogos: João Aires, Walter Battiss, Giorgio Pagi, em exposições individuais; ...

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Listed on following websites as per 2014


VI. Quadriennale Nazionale d'Arte di Roma - (included in list of participating artists)

“Rassegna di paesaggi d'Europa vista da italiani” (“Review of European landscapes seen by Italians”) - Parco della Mostra d’Oltremare, Napoli – June 1952 (no. 12)


Selected works offered on auction


1983 Doyle, New York (26th October)

1996 Neumeister Munich (20th March)

2008 Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria (3rd November) Lot 513

2009 Waddington’s Canada (25th June, 2009 Lot 99)

2009 Capitolium Art, Brescia (21st June, 2009 Asta 136 Lot 496)

2011 Soares & Mendonça, Lisbon (19th April, 2011 - Lot 919, 1055)

2013 Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria (3rd June, 2013 Lot 368)

2015 Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria (11th May, 2015 Lot 230)




Selected paintings in date order

Giorgio PAGI "Bouquet", 1952 - oil/canvas - 51x46 cm

"Bouquet", 1952 - oil/canvas - 51x46 cm


Giorgio Pagi "Landscape", 1961 oil/canvas - 59x86 cm

"Landscape", 1961 oil/canvas - 59x86 cm - Priv. collection, Cape Town




and much later for reference purposes:

Giorgio PAGI "Landscape", 1971 oil/canvas - 70x50 cm - (Pl. I) Priv. Collection, Johannesburg

"Landscape", 1971 oil/canvas - 70x50 cm - (Pl. I) Priv. Collection, Johannesburg


Giorgio PAGI "Paesaggio", 1972 oil/canvas - 50x70 cm

"Paesaggio", 1972 oil/canvas - 50x70 cm



“Giorgio Pagi” (Pittori e scultori del nostro tempo) (Magalini Ed., Brescia) (1974) - 64 plates (cover: pl. XVI Incontri 1974 50x70cm)

"Incontri", 1974 - 50x70 cm - illustrated on cover of the publication “Giorgio Pagi” (Pittori e scultori del nostro tempo) (Magalini Ed., Brescia) (1974) Pl. XVI




Additional information about the Gallery 101 exhibition in 1962 to follow a.s.a.av.

Information made available in particular by Massimiliano Preti, 20139 Milano, Italy, or obtained on the Internet



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