sculptures (stone, copper, bronze) and murals


Michael FLEISCHER in his studio - mid-1970s

Michael Fleischer in mid-1970



Brief C.V.

Born 1915 in Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg), Transylvania, Romania, studied art at the Scoala de Arte si Meserii, Turda (Thorenburg), Romania, where he was awarded as best student a gold medal for sculpture. He then received from the German Consulate in Klausenburg a semester bursary to further his studies in Stuttgart. WW2 broke out, he became a P.O.W., then remained in Germany refusing to return to the by then communist Romania. He built himself a studio, concentrating on metal sculptures, and held a number of exhibitions in Germany.

In 1962, out of three artists proposed by the "Berufsverband Bildender Künstler", Munich, to the South African Government who were searching for a metal sculptor to execute large murals for the Parliamentary Building in Windhoek, he was the only sculptor selected. This was followed by a few public and private commissions, Michael Fleischer moving to Johannesburg.

Michael Fleischer married Tessa Fleischer née Laubscher - their daughter is Mara.

Michael Fleischer with his daughter Mara (img ERA, September 1986)

Michael Fleischer and daughter Mara in 1986

Michael Fleischer died at his home in Kalkheuvel, Broederstroom, on 3rd November, 1991



Selected Exhibitions

1968 Gallery 101, Rand Central, Johannesburg (2nd December)

1972 SA Association of Arts, Pretoria (December)

1974 Gallery 101, Rand Central, Johannesburg (17th July)

Michael Fleischer pre-1974 illustrated on Gallery 101 Johannesburg invitation card 17th July 1974

1976 SA Association of Arts, Durban (27th April)

1977 Gallery 21, Fox Street, Johannesburg (25th October)

1980 Mountain Gallery, Kalkheuvel (29th November)

1981 SA Association of Arts, Pretoria (27th April)

1987 Strack von Schyndel Gallery, Johannesburg (30th March)


Selected Group Shows

1971 Gallery 101, Rand Central, Johannesburg ("Mother and Child" theme) (5th April)

1975 Rand Afrikaans University ("Afrox Metalart '75"), Johannesburg

Michael Fleischer "Family" abt. 1974 exhibited Metalart '75, ill. in Artlook 98 p.13

"Family" - Michael Fleischer's entry for Metalart '75, ill. in Artlook 98




Michael Fleischer and his mural at the Johannesburg General Hospital

Johannesburg General Hospital mural


Selected Other Commissions

Legislative Building, Windhoek - 2 panels each 10 m (1963)

Anglo American Corporation' stand at the World Fair, New York 1964

Lutheran Church, Potchefstroom

Michael Fleischer completed a number of items for the Lutheran Church, Potchefstroom

Interior view of Lutheran Church, Potchefstroom with works by Michael Fleischer

Other Churches - Pretoria

Huguenot Tunnel Entrance, Klein Drakenstein - sculpture "The rising crane"

Michael FLEISCHER "The rising crane" bronze 1/1 at entrance of Huguenot Tunnel, Klein Drakenstein (ill. in Transvaler, Johannesburg 3rd January, 1989)

"The Rising Crane", 1988 - bronze 1/1 - 6m tall on 2m base



Selected sculptures

Michael FLEISCHER "The Duet" in cast stone - 2m high - coll. Trude Schuster, Düsseldorf Altstadt

"The Duet" in cast stone - 2m high - coll. Trude Schuster, Düsseldorf Altstadt

(Otto and Trude Schuster opened the "Künstlertreff" Restaurant "Csikós" in 1950, and in 1977/78 acquired this work from the artist to be placed in the gardens of the Düsseldorf Altstadt (info: The Star, 30th January, 1978, p.3)

Michael FLEISCHER - monumental work in cast stone (details n/av)

another monumental work by Michael Fleischer, in cast stone



Sculptures in copper

See illustrations from Artlook 24 (PDF)



Bronze sculptures on auction since 2001

Sotheby's / Welz, Johannesburg - 27th March, 2006 - Lot 391, 392

 Sotheby's / Welz, Johannesburg - 20th November, 2006 - Lot 507

Sotheby's / Welz, Johannesburg - 20th November, 2007 - Lots 368, 369, 370, 371

Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria - 17th March, 2008 - Lot 335

Bernardi Auctioneers, Pretoria - 7th June, 2010 - Lot 586

Russell Kaplan Auctioneers, Johannesburg - 10th November, 2010 - Lot 132

Stephan Welz & Co., Cape Town - 18th October, 2011 - Sale 1106 - Lot 256, 268

Strauss & Co., Johannesburg - 7th November, 2011 - Lot 211

5th Avenue Auctioneers, Johannesburg - 25th March, 2012 - Lot 417, 418

Cannon & Cannon, Hilton Natal - 24th April, 2012 - Lot 305, 306

Stephan Welz & Co., Cape Town - 29th May, 2012 - Lot 292, 293

Cannon & Cannon, Hilton Natal - 26th June, 2012 - Lot 323, 324

Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg - 8th August, 2012 - Lot 588, 589

Stephan Welz & Co., Cape Town - 2nd October, 2012 - Lot 349

Bonham's Knightsbridge London - 16th October, 2012 - Lot 57

Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg - 20th November, 2012 - Lots 844, 845, 846


Images of other selected bronzes auctioned can be seen on this PDF link!



Works in copper on auction since 2001

Russell Kaplan Auctioneers, Johannesburg - 5th February, 2011 - Lot 96

Michael Fleischer "Figure study", copper panel - 59.7x91 cm (RKA auction 5th Feb 2011 Lot 96)

"Figure study" - copper panel - 59.7x91 cm - Lot 96

5th Avenue Auctioneers, Johannesburg - 25th March, 2012 - Lots 434-436



Signature stamp

Michael Fleischer stamped his bronzes with a monogram made out of F + M and included the cast number and edition.

Bronzes exhibited at Gallery 101 in 1974 were all numbered in an edition of 6, except for 4 works in an edition of 4, one was numbered ed. 10. Bronzes exhibited at Gallery 21 in 1977 were numbered as follows: 9 in an edition of 8, 10 in an edition of 6, 1x ed. 4, 16 in an edition of 12. Lists can be made available on request.

Michael FLEISCHER sample signature stamp on bronze sculptures



Press and Other Publications

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ARTLOOK 35 Johannesburg - October, 1969, p. 33, ill.

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg - 13th November, 1969, ill.

ARTLOOK 54 Johannesburg - May, 1971, p. 45, ill.

Michael FLEISCHER "Mother and child", abt. 1970, cast stone, exhibited at Gallery 101, Johannesburg (img ARTLOOK 54, p.45)

"Mother and child", abt. 1970, cast stone

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Michael and Tessa Fleischer's new home in Kalkheuvel, Broederstroom (img from SA Country Life, Jan. 1996)



Living Arts

Organizer of annual “Living Arts Biennale” exhibitions held in Johannesburg since 1967, such as 1971 (Selborne Hall), 1972 (Carlton Centre), 1976 (Rand Afrikaans University).

The 1972 exhibition (17 SA artists and 8 from abroad) was held to raise funds for the Michael Mount Waldorf School, Bryanston, Johannesburg.




Michael and Tessa Fleischer first lived at Beverley Agricultural Holdings in Witkoppen north of Johannesburg

Michael and Tessa home at Beverley A.H., Witkoppen, in 1972 (ill. in Sandton Chronicle, Sandton, September 1972)

Illustrated in Sandton Chronicle, Sandton, September 1972 - click on image for a better view!

Easter party 1971 at the Fleischer's home in Witkoppen (img. archives FFH)

Easter party at Fleischer's in 1971  - click on image for a better view!


Thereafter they moved to Kalkheuvel, Broederstroom, NW of the Lanseria Airport.

Michael Fleischer's new home, designed and built by the artist and his team

Fleischer's new home, designed and built by the artist and his team



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