Zakkie (Zacharias) ELOFF

31.3.1925 - 2003*

Wildlife painter and graphic artist


Zakkie Eloff and René van Zyl-Eloff in 1962 selecting works for their exhibition at Gallery 101 Johannesburg

Zakkie Eloff and René van Zyl-Eloff in 1962 selecting works for their exhibition at Gallery 101 Johannesburg



Brief Comments


Gallery 101 Johannesburg, established on 5th April, 1961, twice exhibited the works by Zakkie Eloff. The first solo exhibition was held in November, 1961, the second exhibition, jointly with Zakkie's wife René van Zyl, was held in 1962. The Eloff’s were then living at Talisman, Walker Street, Pretoria.

Zakkie Eloff’s successful career is well documented in various publications, some of which we have listed below for easy reference and study.


Shows held at Gallery 101 Johannesburg in the early 1960s


1961 Solo exhibition opened on 15th November by W. van Heerden, Editor of “Dagbreek”

1962 Joint exhibition of 42 paintings drawings and graphics opened on 17th September, 1962, by Mrs. R E Albrechts


Press reviews from our archives covering the 1961 and 1962 exhibitions


S.A. Art News, Johannesburg - 10th August, 1961, p. 5 "Two artists in South West"

Die Vaderland, Johannesburg – 20th September, 1962 (review by Anna Vorster), ill.

Transvaler, Johannesburg – 22nd September, 1962, ill.

Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg – undated, September, 1962

The Star, Johannesburg – two undated reviews , September, 1962, one ill.

Die Stem, Pretoria – undated, September, 1962 (review by Zandberg Jansen)


Recommended further reading


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According to an article in Beeld dated 2nd October, 2003 ("Natuurskilder Zakkie Eloff sterf"), the memorial service was held on 3rd October, 2003, on the koppie near the house he had lived in for so many years, outside Witrivier, Mpumalanga.

In 2012, his wife, René was still living in the house they had moved to 43 years ago!


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